Nergui Shagdarsuren
/hospitable, imaginative, generous/

Nergui has been in the travel industry for the past 40 years and he brings leadership skills as well as extensive grassroots experience to the role. Driven by a belief in the idea of travel with a purpose, he specializes in creating unique and memorable travel experiences. Besides traveling, he enjoys studying heritage and collecting antiques and stones.

Nara Delgersuren
Chief Executive officer
/patient, calm, helpful/

N ara is the heart and soul of the company. With her background in business management, she successfully supports the stable growth of the company as well as coordinating a large number of tour groups. For her - making people happy is the most pleasurable part of working in the industry. 

Recommended destination:
South Gobi
Surenbaatar Nergui (Sam)
chief financial officer
/curious, innovative, imaginative/

B achelor in economics, Suren brings a wealth of knowledge to the company’s management. Allowing his unique insight into his role, he identifies business opportunities and creates innovative and strategic solutions for the best outcomes. He chose tourism because it sits in the intersections of creativity, imagination, ordinary & extraordinary. Moreover, travel affords people with a new perspective on life.
Munkhtugs Zaankhuu (Tugsuu)
General manager (Outbound)
/conscientious, adventurous, persistent/

Tugsuu has been working in the industry since 2006. Ever since she has been coordinating numerous successful tours and has been a great force in the company as a member of the management team. When not traveling, you will be able to find her rafting through the Tuul river.
Bayasgalan Gombojav
director of finance department
/neat, proficient, attentive/

He has been part of the company since 2002 and has grown into his role as a Chief Accountant. Bayasaa is responsible for all aspects of financial operations. His hobbies include basketball, volleyball, tennis, and guitar. 

Recommended destinations:

Khuvsgul Taiga, Gobi, Khoridol Saridag Mountains.

Ulaankhuukhen Gombosuren
human resource manager

/loyal, caring, diligent/

Ulaanaa loves every aspect of travel including the creation process and the people behind it. Her forte is people's development and she makes sure that everyone in the company works in a happy environment. She is into reading, social marketing, and classical music. 

Recommended  destinations:
Altai Tavan Bogd, Khuvsgul Lake, Umnugobi Bayanzag.

Ganbaatar Choijamts
director of auto fleet
/reliable, calm, considerate/

Ganbaa is a major person in operating all our transportations and makes sure all the journeys are in safe hands and vehicles. He has incredible travel experience and knowledge about the country, navigating the unpaved, unmarked country trails. He enjoys exploring nature, fishing, and cooking. 

Recomended destinations:
Khanddulam Tumurbaatar
European market manager
/logical, fast learner, realist/

Khandaa started her tourism career due to her fluency in French and is very much into traveling the world. Khanddulam is passionate about her family and always keen to learn new things and meet new challenges. From her experience, traveling is a great way to deal with stress and discover our inner person.

Recommended destinations:
Mongolia’s western provinces
Byambaa Batbold
Russia, Australia
market manager
/friendly, rational, reliable/

Byambaa is our energetic sales and tour expert, always exceeding clients’ expectations. He knows both Mongolia and Russia like the back of his hand and is considered an expert. He is motivated by good coffee, music, ambiance, and most importantly satisfied customers.  
 Recommended destinations
Terelj, Khongor Sand Dunes, Mongolian Nomadic Show, Khyargas Lake, Altai Tavan Bogd.
Chultemsuren Battsengel
Chinese market manager
/consistent, loyal, dream/

He thinks that travel is inseparable important part of human life and believes that travel makes people more purposeful and have bigger dreams. Therefore he develops amazing and plentiful travel products to give people more goals and dreams. he is an avid soccer player. 

Recommended destinations
Altai Tavan Bogd, South Gobi, Khermen Tsav

Gereltsogt Ganbaatar
Adventure tours manager
/adventure seeker, curious, brave/

Getso devoted his career to the travel industry with a previous role as a professional tour guide and translator. He enjoys traveling the world, and extreme activities such as Mountain Climbing and Rafting. He broke a record by climbing to Mongolia’s 10 highest peaks in the shortest period!
Dambadorj Enkhbat
senior manager for
outbound department
/resourceful, adventurous, polite/ 

Dambaa is in charge of sales and tour management to ensure that all our tours are good value for money for our travelers. He is an excellent communicator who helps the clients to find their most suitable journeys. Outside of the office, he loves spending quality time with his family in nature.

Recommennded destination:
South Gobi  
Gerelmaa Tserenjav
assistant manager
/ patient, hardworking, loyal/

Gerelee is the one keeping all our bookings full! Gerelmaa is in charge of sales, reservations, and insurance which helps the clients to create unforgettable memories safely. For her, traveling is the way to gain a bigger vision of life.  Outside of work, we will find her sipping a coffee with her favorite book in her hands
Munkhzul Lkhaasuren
Product designer


  Dulamsuren Khatansuren
Accountant (domestic)

Erdenetuya Batsuren
outbound manager
/polite, loyal, thoughtful/

Travelling has been one of the most rewarding activities in Tuya’s life – meeting new challenges and creating new experiences. With that knowledge, she develops new travel itineraries and amazing tour products. She is an avid snowboarder, surfer, and ballet lover.

Recomended destinations:
Bayan Ulgii Khoton, Khurgan lake, Umnugobi aimag Khermen tsav
Butemj Tserendorj
/organized, constructive, warm/

Butemj is eager to make every adventure the best it can be and bring support to help make that happen. Assisting with travel arrangements and supplies, she is one of our major people in operating all our expeditions. When not buried in a pile of documents, she enjoys walking, reading, and cooking. 

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