Lull of the Mongolian Gobi desert

2 Nights / 3 Days

2418.00 per person*
Gobi Desert is the “Hidden Gem” of the South Mongolia and Juulchin World Tours is the best way to experience it. Gobi Desert is famous for its harshest environments, extreme temperature and seasonal changes but surprisingly Gobi has a full color of mysterious wildlife and most importantly it has own class. The origin of ancient seabed, the Gobi has a treasure package of fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs. The Gobi is the main station of the two-humped Bacterian camel which is named by locals “Living Dinosaurs”. The Bacterian camel is a vital part of nomadic herdsman. The Gobi has a countless natural miracle. Thousands of years with erosion, this majestic canyon was formed by nature with its mesmerizing red rock formation that stretches for 15 kms. The gorgeous color of the canyon is scenic at sunset.


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